Taylor Swift’s Dad Bonds With Travis Kelce’s Dad At Super Bowl: Photo

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s dads had a good time at the Super Bowl together.

Behold: the start of two families coming together!

Eagle-eyed fans kept their eyes peeled for all the action in the Travis Kelce family suite at the Super Bowl.

Taylor celebrating a win by the Chiefs, with Travis’ mom looking on. ( (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images))

They were thrilled to see not only did Taylor bring all of her friends, which included Blake Lively, Ice Spice, and the Tellers, Miles and Keleigh – she also brought her parents!

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Dads at the Super Bowl Together

Yes, Mama and Papa Swift – aka Andrea and Scott Swift – both joined their daughter to cheer on her boyfriend in the big game.

While Scott Swift is known for being a devote Eagles fan, he switched teams, so to speak, to support his girl and her man.

It also gave him a good amount to talk to Travis’ brother Jason Kelce about, since he plays for the Eagles.

The Travis Kelce family suite at the Super Bowl. Both Taylor and Travis’ parents can be seen here. ((Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images))

But maybe it also gave him the opportunity to chat with Travis’ dad, Ed Kelce, who is also a Pennsylvania native.

Fans caught a glimpse of the pair chatting during the game while the cameras were searching for Taylor in the box. The two looked to be sharing a laugh and bonding, just like Taylor was with Kylie Kelce earlier in the night.

In the photo just above, you can see Ed and Scott sitting next to each other, just a row above Donna Kelce.

Well, even though Taylor and Travis didn’t get engaged at the big game, it looks like there families got along. A great first step!

Taylor Swift blowing Travis Kelce a kiss from the field after his Super Bowl win. ((Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images))

Donna Kelce Bonding With Taylor

Scott wasn’t the only Swift to snag some personal time with Travis’ family.

In fact, Taylor was actually escorted down to the field after his big win by none other than his mom, Donna Kelce.

In the sweet pic, Donna is seen embracing Taylors arm and holding her hand, gently guiding her towards the big celebration at center field.

Travis Kelce’s favorite ladies, looking lovely and happy AF after his big win. ((Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images))

The pair watched together as Travis was handed the Lombardi trophy, before making his way to them.

He greeted his mother first, giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Then he made his way to Taylor, who gave him a big kiss and whispered happy congrats into his ear.

Love and respect. Families that get along. All sounds like the set up of a nice, long romance to us!

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