Surgical strike row: Lt General KJS Dhillon (Retd) slams opposition for questioning soldiers | India News


NEW DELHI: Lt General KJS Dhillon (Retd) on Thursday slammed the opposition for question surgical strike saying that we must not demean the valour of the armed forces.
Speaking to Times Now on the occassion of Republic Day, the Army veteran said that it hurts when someone questions the pride and sacrifices of a soldier.
“I have personally gone out every night in the last 40 years, knowing the fact that I may not return back alive someday. And if someone still questions me, then it hurts,” he told Times Now.
“It’s enough for a DGMO to come out and say we did it. The nation must accept and have faith in the armed forces. No Army in the world gives out its operational information to its countrymen,” Dhillon said.
“National pride is something when the soldier is standing a guard in those icy heights of 20 feet and break bones chilling wind speeds. He looks back, not at his family, he looks back at his nation, how his nation is spotting him. His morale comes from how the nation’s spotting. That motivation to go every night to be killed or not to return alive is something which cannot be measured, which cannot be spoken, which cannot be told in words,” he added.
The strong remarks come after earlier this week, Digvijaya Singh said there is no proof of the surgical strike against Pakistan, while the Centre claims to have carried out the attack.
“They (Centre) talk about surgical strikes and that they have killed so many of them but there is no proof,” Digvijaya Singh had said in his address in Jammu.

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