Standing Committee on Defence visits Pokaran field firing range | India News

JAISALMER: A delegation of Members of Parliament of the Standing Committee on Defence (SCOD) visited the Pokaran field firing range near Jaisalmer and reviewed the integrated fire power demonstration.
The members also assessed the versatile and indigenously developed weapon systems and took stock of them in simulated battlefield conditions with the effect of hitting targets.
They also reviewed the existing and planned infrastructure development at the range to adapt to the future requirements of training by the Indian Army.
The committee will visit Jaisalmer on Monday where they will be briefed by Lt Gen AK Singh, Army Commander, Southern Command, Pune.
The committee consists of 22 other members of SCOD along with Chairman Jual Oram.
The SCOD is a committee consisting of elected members of Parliament for the purpose of legislative oversight of defence policies and decision-making of the Ministry of Defence.

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