Shah Rukh Khan reacts to fans asking him to visit Telugu theatres post the release of Pathaan

It’s finally time to witness Shah Rukh Khan back on the big screen after four long years. Pathaan is all set to release on January 25 and fans can barely control their excitement to witness the extravaganza unfold on the big screen. Shah Rukh conducted 15 minutes of #AskSRK session recently. A fan asked him if he would visit Telugu theatres post the release of Pathaan. 

Shah Rukh Khan

The question read as, “Hi Sir, Will you visit any theatre in Telugu states on movie release date #AskSRK @iamsrk”, to which Shah Rukh replied, “Yeah if Ram Charan takes me!!”

Shah Rukh Khan

Indeed the kind of witty answer you would expect from Shah Rukh Khan. Earlier too Ram Charan had extended his good wishes to Shah Rukh post the release of the Pathaan trailer and that too had won over the internet.

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