Ryan Gosling Looks All Beaten Up On ‘The Fall Guy’ Set After Boat Chase Scene

Ryan Gosling gets sprayed down, while looking all beat up and burnt on the set of his upcoming movie, The Fall Guy.

Earlier this month, the 42-year-old actor was spotted with the crew for a night shoot at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, where he was filming scenes with a burning boat.

In the images, which you can see in the gallery below, Ryan is seen racing away from an explosive scene, which involved a group of bad guys firing off some weapons while chasing him on the water vehicle.

During some of the downtime, Ryan was seen doing checking out the set up for the scene, all while the crew set up the next shots. Stunt doubles for both Ryan and co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson were also seen on set.

The Fall Guy is a big screen retelling of the classic TV series, which aired in the ’80s. Ryan is set to lead the project and plays a stuntman, which explains all of his risky scenes so far.

You can see even more pics of Ryan filming for the movie, while doing some actual stunts in a red jacket, and donning a bright yellow get up as well, here!

Check out over 100+ pictures of Ryan Gosling filming the burning boat chase scene in Sydney Harbor…

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