Rising TikTok Star Octopusslover8′s Best TikToks – See the Viral Creator’s Funniest Videos!

Octopusslover8 is all over our FYP!

The content creator has become one of the latest sensations on TikTok, quickly amassing well over 1.2 million followers and counting in a matter of days.

With over 32.8 million video likes (and rapidly counting), the burgeoning TikTok star, real name Jake Shane, has become a quick favorite with his humorous takes on historical events.

If you haven’t seen the @Octopusslover8 videos, the concept is pretty straightforward: he takes a prompt from the comments section and acts it out, usually with his crew of friends stifling their laughter in the background.

Some of his funniest and most popular videos include “paying the bill at the last supper,” “a dinosaur telling the other dinosaurs that he sees a comet,” “the Mona Lisa after she was done getting painted,” “the founding fathers after John Hancock signed his name super big,” “the trojan horse,” “Pluto finding out it got kicked out of the planets,” and “the statue of liberty being unveiled.”

We’ve compiled some of his funniest videos to date.

Scroll through to watch them all…

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