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NEW DELHI: Results of the assembly elections in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura will not change the Rajya Sabha arithmetic as the three northeast states will see the same parties send their candidates to the Upper House with the help of winning numbers as and when vacancy arises due to retirement within the next five years.
Of the three Rajya Sabha berths from these states, BJP has two (one each from Tripura and Nagaland), whereas National People’s Party (NPP) has one from Meghalaya. The situation will remain the same till the next polls in these states in 2028.

NPP with the highest number of assembly seats in Meghalaya will retain its berth when the vacancy arises in June 2026, while BJP will retain its seats in other two states till the next vacancy in 2028. The seat from Nagaland will go vacant in April 2028, while the one from Tripura will go vacant in September, 2028.
Election Results 2023 | Tripura Election Result 2023 | Nagaland Election Result 2023 | Meghalaya Election Result
The Rajya Sabha’s current strength is 239. Six seats — four from Jammu & Kashmir and two nominated — are vacant in the House of 245. BJP is the largest party with 92 MPs followed by Congress (31 MPs), TMC (13 MPs), DMK and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) with 10 each, and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and YSR Congress Party with nine each.

The overall composition of the House will not effectively change this year even when 10 seats go vacant due to retirement of members. This year, Goa will see one vacancy in July while West Bengal and Gujarat will face vacancy of six and three seats, respectively, in August.
Any noticeable change in the party-wise composition in the Upper House is expected only in April 2024 (around the next parliamentary elections) when 56 seats go to polls in the biennial polls.

NE elections win: PM Narendra Modi at BJP headquarters in Delhi

NE elections win: PM Narendra Modi at BJP headquarters in Delhi

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