Pamela Anderson: Tim Allen Sexually Harassed Me on the Set of Home Improvement

Pamela Anderson has a new memoir coming out, and it looks as though the former Baywatch icon will not be pulling any punches.

Before she became a household name on that beach-based ’90s hit, Anderson was a regular on the popular Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement.

And in her new book, the actress has revealed that Allen engaged in some barbaric behavior on the set of the family friendly show.

Anderson alleges that Allen flashed her on her very first day of filming.

“On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath,” reads an excerpt from the book published this week by Variety.

“He said it was only fair because he had seen me naked. Now we’re even. I laughed uncomfortably.”

The excerpt was just published on Sunday, and Allen responded to the allegation almost immediately.

“No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing,” Allen said in a statement issued through his publicist.

Anderson appeared in the first and second seasons of Home Improvement as Lisa, Allen’s co-star on the show-within-a-show, Tool Time.

She appeared in 22 episodes before leaving in 1993 to focus on Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson for PETA
Pamela Anderson is one of the world’s most well-known vegetarians. She is a staunch supporter of PETA. (Photo via Getty)

Anderson would have been 24 at the time of the alleged incident, while Allen was 37.

In addition to her memoir, Anderson will be releasing a companion Netflix documentary that will recount Anderson recount “her rise to fame, rocky romances and infamous sex tape” with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The doc and the memoir are both set to be released on January 31.

Anderson has been highly critical of Lee over the years, particularly after he accused the couple’s adult son of assault.

But insiders who have read her book in its entirety say that it portrays the Motley Crue drummer in a surprisingly flattering light.

Obviously, the same cannot be said of Allen.

Anderson’s first marriage to musician (and sex tape partner) Tommy Lee lasted from 1995–98. (Photo via Getty)

Anderson has been involved in a number of high-profile romances over the years, including the period of time in which she was rumored to be dating Julian Assange.

Sources say Pam will briefly touch on her relationship with the WikiLeaks founder, as well as her feelings regarding his continued exile.

Of course, these days it’s Anderson’s allegations against Allen that are making the most headlines.

Tim Allen on Last Man Standing Set
Tim Allen jokes around here on the set of Last Man Standing. That sitcom somehow lasted for over 100 episodes. (Photo via Getty)

For decades, Allen was one of the most bankable names in the entertainment world, so it makes sense that Anderson might have been hesitant to come forward.

Now in his late-60s, Allen has recently become a controversial figure due to his criminal past and extremist political views.

It remains to be seen what sort of impact Anderson’s allegations will have the comic’s legacy.

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