Optical Illusion Challenge: Only 1 per cent people can spot 2 hidden cats in this vintage picture, can you?


Have you heard of Optical Illusion? Well, most of you must have but have you actually tried to solve an Optical Illusion quiz? These days, optical illusion images and quizzes have become quite popular on the internet. They are a perfect way to tease our brains and engage them in intellectual activity. Optical Illusion or visual illusion is caused by the visual system and characterized by a visual percept that arguably appears to differ from reality. What makes optical illusions so unique is their capacity to capture and hold a user’s attention for an extended period of time. Well, Pinkvilla brings to you an optical illusion quiz and we bet it will be beneficial for improving your cognitive and observational skills.

Optical Illusion Quiz

Optical Illusion Challenge

Some optical illusions on the internet even reveal personality traits. Can you see the above image? Well, for many it might be a normal picture of a family sitting in their living area. But how many of you can spot 2 hidden cats in this picture? In the picture, there is a man seated on a sofa, busy reading his newspaper with both his legs placed on an object. The lady is seated on a chair as she looks at the man and a little girl is seated on the floor and seems to be busy playing. This definitely does appear as a normal picture and it will be tricky to spot the 2 hidden cats.

If you look carefully, then you will spot the first cat right in the middle of the picture. Can you see the object the man has placed both his legs on? Well, that is one of the 2 hidden cats. For the other cat, you will have to look a bit closer. Spot a white cat on the woman’s lap? Yes! That is a cat and not her gown. So how much time did it take for you to spot both the cats? Only 1% of people can spot 2 hidden cats in this vintage picture.

About Optical illusion

Optical illusions are images we perceive differently than they really are. In other words, optical illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brains that tricks us into perceiving something that does not match reality. The word illusion is derived from the Latin word illudere which means to mock. There are 3 main classes of optical illusion, namely, physical, physiological, and cognitive illusion.

Hope you had fun finding the hidden face of the lady in this image. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more such fun optical illusion quiz.

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