Nick Jonas Talks Starring in a Chuck E. Cheese Commercial

Before he was a teenage heartthrob in the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas was out there living the dream as the star of a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. During a recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” actor played a game with Clarkson where he fact-checked internet rumors about himself. In between confirming that he’s not the best whistler and he does prefer eating icing over cake, Jonas also shared that when he was a child actor, he starred in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial.

“When I was a kid doing acting, Broadway, and music, I would go on auditions all the time,” he said. “There were two big jobs you wanted to get as a child actor in the Northeast, one was the Hess truck holiday commercials . . . I never got it. But I did get the other, I would say second-most desirable job for a child . . . which was Chuck E. Cheese.”

Not only did Jonas star in a commercial for the famed pizza chain, he also pulled off a pretty cool trick during filming. “I got to do this cool thing where I’m sitting on the Skee-Ball thing, and I threw [a ball] behind my back, and it went into the thing,” he explained. “And we did the first shot, and I actually got it in, because they were going to CGI it, and I got a high-five from the director and from Chuck E. Cheese himself.”

The glory of getting the Skee-Ball through the ring on his first toss was nothing compared to the reward. Jonas shared with Clarkson that “they gave me a thousand tokens.” Just imagine how many games a kid could play with a thousand tokens, or the prizes they could claim. While the singer didn’t disclose how he spent his earnings, it was clear the chat-show host was impressed.

When Jonas tried to figure out what the tokens would be equivalent to money-wise, Clarkson said what the audience was likely thinking when she noted it would have been like “winning the lottery as a child.” Check out Jonas’s trick shot for yourself in the commercial below.

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