Merc sales up 41% at 16k in 2022, highest ever in India

NEW DELHI: Mercedes-Benz said that its sales in India grew by 41% in 2022 to 15,822 units, the highest ever for the company in the country, as the German luxury maker plans to drive in 10 new cars this year to keep up the momentum.
The company, which leads the luxury category, had sold 11,242 units in the previous year. Its best in terms of sales volumes earlier was in 2018, when it had sold 15,583 units. “The biggest growth for us in the last year has come from the top-end vehicle category — costing upwards of Rs 1 crore — where we have grown by 69%,” Santosh Iyer, newly appoin-ted MD & CEO of Mercedes Benz India, said. The models costing more than Rs 1 crore include S-Class Maybach limousine, GLS Maybach SUV, and performance-oriented AMG models.
Iyer said that growth in 2023 may not be as strong as last year, though the company still expects its numbers to grow by double digits. “As far as the industry is concerned, we expect a growth of between 5% and 8%. ”
Iyer said that the company plans to further strengthen its sales network, which is now controlled directly by it as dealers act as franchisee partners. On plans with electric vehicles,Iyer said that these would comprise a “good portion” of the new cars it drives in the country. “We want electrics to be a quarter of our total sales volumes in the next three years. So, we would be adding more green cars to our portfolio. ” Iyer, however, said that currency exchange rate is emerging as a concern for the company as it makes the inputs expensive.

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