Melissa Gorga Ex-Bestie: She’s a Liar Who FRAMED Teresa!

Whether on screen or before weddings or at BravoCon, Melissa Gorga drama is inescapable. She is a consummate Real Housewife.

But she wasn’t always.

We’ve heard a lot of whispers about how so much of Melissa’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey career came from plotting behind Teresa Giudice’s back.

Now, her ex-BFF (and one-time bridesmaid) Jan Marie DeDolce is putting Melissa on blast. Take a look:

RHONJ s11e13: Melissa Gorga urges calm

In a series of alleged DMs, Jan Marie DeDolce is clapping back at Melissa Gorga.

First, there were some nasty accusations about rumor-spreading in which blame fell on Teresa Giudice, her sister-in-law.

For years, Melissa has denied that she schemed to join RHONJ. But now, Jan says that Melissa did just that.

Love Love Love Gabriella first shared a series of alleged DMs on Instagram.

“As some of you may or may not remember, I appeared on RHONJ as Melissa’s friend,” Jan began.

“Unfortunately, the truth was totally hidden from everyone,” she went on, “while Teresa was blamed.”

Melissa Gorga: Teresa Made Her Sex-Crazed Fiance's Scandal WORSE

Jan’s alleged DMs continued: “After the season aired I could have sold Melissa out, yet I chose not to.”

She claimed that “Many media outlets offered me money for information, still remained silent and protected her.”

And Jan then suggested: “If my goal really was to get on the show as a [housewife], as she claimed in her recent podcast, I could have exposed her.”

“And,” Jan explained, “her dirty ploy to have me write letters to Bravo so that they would cast her behind Teresa’s back.”

She clarified that this was something “which, of course, I didn’t do.”

Jan went on to claim that she declined attending “several events” for the show, because she wished to avoid drama.

Melissa Gorga Defends Herself
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga spoke in her own defense after she was accused of total fakery.

“We were truly like sisters,” Jan characterized her former bond with Melissa.

“I was privy to many events and circumstances with which I could have revealed who she really is and let her true colors show.”

“But I never did,” Jan declared. “I stayed silent.”

Melissa was the one who fired the first salvo in this recent exchange.

She chatted on her podcast with Margaret Josephs.

And Melissa was only too happy to insist that Jan was nothing if not thirsty for reality TV stardom.

“I had a friend who I actually filmed with who was in my wedding who tried to come on the show, too,” Melissa accused.

She added: “which, in the same season, I brought her with me to a lunch because I was trying to get her on the show.”

Melissa continued: “And then later on in that season, you see her have a sit-down with my sister-in-law to tell my sister-in-law horrible things about me, that I’m a cheater.”

“Once again, all of these things: cheater, stripper, like,” Melissa complained.

She quipped: “I don’t know what’s next, I rob banks, I hurt babies.”

Melissa then asked: “At this point, who gives a s–t?” Well, ouch.

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