Mars Direct in Taurus On January 13 2023: What does it mean for you?


In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be the son of the earth, courageous, brave, energetic, and war. The people who have auspicious Mars in their Kundli always take courageous and fearless decisions, due to which they get good success in every work. On the other hand, if Mars is inauspicious in the Kundli of a person, then the person has to bear the loss. Mars has turned direct in Taurus today, on January 13, 2023.
Let us know from astrologer Chirag Daruwalla if Mars is direct in Taurus, and how it will affect the natives of all zodiac signs.
Ganesha says your financial side will be strong. There are chances of getting back the given money and all disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved. Matters related to land and home property will also be settled. Will buy some expensive items. If you work keeping your stubbornness and enthusiasm under control, you will be successful. Be mindful of health.
Ganesha says health can be adversely affected, so be mindful of it. Matters related to marriage will take some more time. There will be very progressive in the work business. If you want to get a new contract also, then the opportunity will be favorable. If you want to buy a house or a vehicle, then from that point of view also the planets will be favorable.
Ganesha says the transit to Mars will bring an increase in your expenses. Financial problems may have to be faced. It would be prudent to settle the court cases outside as well. Do not lend more money to anyone during this period, otherwise, you will have to face financial loss.
Ganesha says the transit of Mars will be auspicious for you and will bring great success to your work. Students and students appearing in the competition will have to make more effort to get good marks in the examination. Child-related worries will go away. There will be indifference in matters related to love, so be reflective toward work.
Ganesha says mars transit direct will give you success. If you work on keeping your strategies confidential, you will be more successful. Even if you want to try for a job in the administrative department, police or army, etc., the opportunity is favorable.
Ganesha says there will be an increase in respect. Your decision will be appreciated. You can get good benefits in matters related to real estate. Legal matters related to land property will be resolved.
Ganesha says avoid being a victim of a conspiracy. Students will have to make effort to get good marks in the examination. If you want to do the work of a house or vehicle, then from that point of view also planetary transit will be favorable. The means of income will increase.
Ganesha says if Mars is in your seventh house, there will be an increase in your position and reputation. Marriage talks will also be successful. Don’t let bitterness come into married life. Some estrangement may increase from the in-law’s side. Avoid doing shared business in the middle of the period, health will be good.
Ganesha says even in court cases, there are indications that the decision will be in your favor. Avoid any kind of loan transaction during this time. Travel carefully.
Ganesha says you may have to face some ups and downs in the workplace. For the students, the transit of Mars in Taurus is an auspicious sign. Students have to pay a lot of attention to their studies to be successful.
Ganesha says the sum of receiving any unpleasant news. Matters related to real estate will be settled and even if you want to buy a vehicle, the planetary transit will be favorable. If you want to start a business, it will be auspicious for you if Mars is on the direct.
Ganesha says for employed people, the direct to Mars will bring great success. There will be an increase in respect. Money is a sign of profit. You can get achievements in your business.

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