Marry My Husband’s Park Min-young, Na In-woo and others bid farewell as the show comes to an end

The cast of Marry My Husband, Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon, and Lee Gi-kwang, expressed their gratitude and shared their emotions with viewers in anticipation of the final episode dropping tonight.

Adapted from the popular web novel, Marry My Husband follows the tale of Kang Ji-won, who, while terminally ill, discovers her best friend Jung Soo-min and her husband Park Min-hwan engaging in an affair, leading to her untimely death at the hands of her husband. Transported back in time 10 years, Kang Ji-won is given a second chance at life and seeks vengeance with the help of her boss, Yoo Ji-hyuk.

Park Min Young

On the ending note, Park Min-young who plays Kang Ji-won stated, “Fortunately, many viewers showed great love [for the drama], so I think we can all bring closure with bright smiles. I feel blessed and grateful. I think a lot will change in my acting career in the future.”

Na In-woo who plays Kang Ji-won’s love interest said, “It doesn’t feel real yet, and I feel like I’ll have to get up again tomorrow and come to the filming site, so I feel very sad. All of our actors and staff worked really hard. Also, I love you so much, our viewers.”

Park Min Young

Meanwhile, Lee Yi-kyung who portrayed the role of the villian Park Min-hwan shared his feeling, “I feel good because this will be the last shoot. I feel a bit relieved because I can let go of my villainous acting. As everyone gave us so much love, the expression ‘bad person’ did not sound so bad. Thank you for giving so much love to Marry My Husband.”

Song Ha-yoon who impressed the audience with her performance as manipulative Jang Soo-min said, “There were some scary parts while acting as Soo Min. I made it throughout 16 episodes while pondering, ‘Is this a real feeling or a fake one?’ countless times. It still doesn’t feel real that this is my last shoot, but I guess I’ll continue living a different life, right?”

Lee Gi-kwang who plays Baek Eun-ho said, “I feel proud that the overall atmosphere [on set] while filming for the past six to seven months seemed really great. I feel like my hard work has been rewarded, and I will do my best until the end to present great acting.”

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The last episode of Marry My Husband will air on February 20 on OTT tonight. 

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