Long live anonymous democracy: Chidambaram’s dig at electoral bond donations to BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has alleged that the bulk of the more than Rs 12,000 crore worth electoral bonds sold so far have been donated to the BJP anonymously by corporates, asserting that corporate donation is a way of thanking the government for numerous ‘favours’.
The former Union finance minister also wondered why corporates are so eager to donate through the ‘non-transparent electoral bonds mechanism’.
“Over Rs 12,000 crore worth electoral bonds sold so far. The bulk of the amount has been purchased by corporates and donated to the BJP anonymously,” Chidambaram alleged in a series of tweets on Monday night.

Corporates do not donate through electoral bonds because they love democracy, he said.
“Corporate donation is the way to express their thanks to the government for the numerous favours they had got in the past years,” the Congress leader alleged.
“It is a neat arrangement. Favours are done quietly. Rewards are received secretly. Long live our anonymous democracy,” he said.

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