Lacey Chabert Wants To Develop a Reality Series With Hallmark Channel

Lacey Chabert is sharing some future plans she has for her partnership with Hallmark Channel.

The 40-year-old The Wedding Veil producer and actress got candid about her long-running relationship with the network in a new interview with Forbes, and revealed that she has some big plans, which include a reality show!

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Lacey, who has now starred in 35 Hallmark movies since she began her tenure with them in 2010, shared that a reality show on the network is something she’s “looking to do”.

“I have an idea for a reality show that I hope we will see come to fruition very soon,” she teased.

While there aren’t firm details about what that would involve, Lacey did say that it would put a camera on her work on screen as well as off screen as she helps to develop more movies, like The Wedding Veil franchise.

Another idea Lacey is working on with the network is a new television series.

“I haven’t been on a weekly television show since Party of Five, which was a very long time ago,” she notes. “I love the experience of living with a character for an entire season and really getting to explore their arc. That’s something I really hope to do with Hallmark soon.”

Speaking of Party of Five, here’s what Lacey thinks about a reunion special.

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