Julie and Todd Chrisley Begin Prison Sentences: What Are Their Lives Like?

This week, Todd Chrisley began serving his prison sentence.

He and his wife, Julie Chrisley, received convictions on multiple charges of various types of financial fraud.

Chrisley Knows Best viewers are obviously curious about what their lives are like now — and what they will be like for many years to come.

Reality cameras no longer follow this pair. But we can paint a pretty clear picture of Todd and Julie’s new life.

Todd Chrisley and his wife don’t seem to think the laws apply to them. It’s pretty sad, really.

As we previously reported, both Todd and Julie Chrisley had officially reported to their respective prisons on January 17.

Todd Chrisley will serve his time in Florida’s minimum security prison, FPC Pensacola.

He will serve a 12-year sentence. That is a daunting and miserable prospect.

Todd Chrisley reacts in shock here during a scene on his terrible reality show.

Todd will work a prison job in the mornings and in the afternoons. Federal law requires most prisoners to work, which of course incentivizes America’s mass incarceration nightmare.

His wakeup call will be at 4:45 in the morning. Todd is required to make his bed and assure that his cell area is tidy.

From 5 in the morning to 6 in the morning, he will eat breakfast with other inmates.

Julie and Todd Chrisley may be all smiles in this scene from their reality show. But their life is awful these days.

We do not yet know what Todd’s prison work will be. This early into his incarceration, it is possible that Todd does not, either.

It could be anything from landscaping to housekeeping to laundry to library duty.

The use of involuntary laborers who cannot quit or seek better pay or hours is part of what allows the prison system to sustain itself.

At 11 in the morning, Todd will eat lunch. The dinner hour begins at 4:30 in the afternoon — nearly 12 hours after wakeup.

In the evening, Todd will have time to read, watch television, or play games.

There are movie nights. Lights out is at 10pm.

Todd Chrisley horizon

Todd will have the option of participating in outdoor team sports like softball, soccer, and basketball.

FPC Pensacola also has its own gym, track, and racquetball courts for inmates to use.

There are work programs, like woodworking and other trade skills. There are also academic opportunities.

Todd and Julie Chrisley Pic

Todd has had a complex relationship with various children over the years. But, if they want to visit, they can.

He can have as many as five visitors at a time on Friday evenings, and during daytime hours over the weekend.

Those are very limited hours, but could be considerably worse.

Todd Chrisley, Wife
Todd Chrisley smiles here with his wife. There have been rumors that he’s gay, but the reality star is married to Julie.

Meanwhile, Julie Chrisley began serving her own, 7-year sentence on the same day.

Julie reported to the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Lexington, which is in Lexington, Kentucky. Yes, she originally would have served her sentence at FCI Marianna SCP. Later, plans changed.

FMC Lexington is an administrative security medical center with 1,286 prisoners.

Lindsie Chrisley take 2

The housing units at the facility include basic hygiene furnishings and shower facilities, plus a TV area and a multipurpose room.

Like her husband, Julie will have multiple vocational and educational training opportunities.

There are also arts and crafts options and athletic programs for the inmates.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. They’ll be spending many years in prison as a result.

The Federal Prison Industires’ UNICOR program “allows inmates the opportunity to work in a customer service center or an electronics factory.”

Obviously, that phrasing is downright sinister. It is understandably difficult to put a positive spin on carceral labor.

Julie’s visiting hours may range from 2:25 PM to 8:30 PM Monday, Thursday, and Friday, plus weekend hours. Or, if she ends up in the prison camp nearby, her hours will be more similar to Todd’s.

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