Joshimath sinking: Army base in town reports cracks | India News

DEHRADUN: The Army, which has a significant presence in Joshimath, is also facing land-subsidence problems with structures developing cracks in the Army campus, according to officials, reports Gaurav Talwar.
β€œThe whole landscape in Joshimath, including the area that comes under the Army, is facing land subsidence,” said Piyoosh Rautela, a member of the expert team which conducted a field survey of Joshimath on January 6. Cracks have been reported in the road leading to the Army base, an official said, adding that a team of experts also did a ground survey of these areas to gauge the extent of damage.
With the LAC just 100km from the town, Joshimath is strategically very important, and has a significant presence of both the Army and ITBP.
Not long ago, the Indian and US armies conducted the 18th edition of the β€˜Yudh Abhyas’ bilateral exercise in Auli, just 6km from Joshimath, in November 2022. Moreover, Barahoti, which was in the news for a series of Chinese incursions in the past couple of years, is just under 50 km from Joshimath.

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