Janelle Brown: I Don’t Ever Want to Reconcile with Kody, But…

Janelle Brown is not looking back.

But the Sister Wives stars says she feel compelled to look forward at times.

On Sunday night, the mother of six opened up extensively about her decision to walk away from spiritual spouse Kody, speaking to host Sukanya Krishnan on part three of the Sister Wives: One on One special.

Back on part one, Janelle admitted for the first time that she is separated from Kody.

“We’ve been separated for several months… and I’m happy,” Janelle emphasized on air. “Really happy.”

She added that, these days, there’s NOT love between the former partners — and that she thinks Kody would say the same if asked.

“It’s duty, it’s commitment, it’s a faith that tells you you work it out and you stick it out,” continued Janelle of the only thing that even kept the pair together toward the end.

“I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say, ‘Really?’”

Janelle even said it “wasn’t heartbreaking” to end the marriage, perhaps because she’s talked at length with Christine Brown about her choice to do the same over a year ago.

However, even though she’s not “waiting for him” to come back around, Janelle said it does feel that a romantic reunion between the stars has to be considered.

Even if she doesn’t really want it to be.

How is this possible?

“I think it could be there, but it would require so much change on both of our parts, that I don’t know,” she explained.

“And part of me thinks, okay, my religion requires you continue to make a marriage work, and I deeply believe in my faith.

“And I have been so much at peace that I don’t know how to reconcile that.

“So that’s where my debate with myself is all the time, because I know I’m happy.

“I don’t want him to come back, but my faith requires we are married eternally.”

You know, if a man treats you poorly and if you feel happier without him and if your faith makes you think you need to stay with him… perhaps you need to reexamine that faith.

We’re just sayin.

Asked whether the “door’s still open,” Janelle replied:

“It has to be, but I’m not interested in having anyone walk through that door.”

Previously, Janelle toasted to the new year, saying she looks forward to what a Kody-free 2023 has to bring.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kody shared his hopes for his future with Janelle:

“I want to fix it, yes. But that’s a whole new negotiation,” he told the host.

“I hope I find a happy and beautiful place with Janelle, and I hope all my kids and I can reconcile. Here’s hoping.”

Kody also confessed, though, that he might be a one-woman man from now on.

“I’m right on the verge of not even being a polygamous, and that’s been part of my identity for 30 years,” the 53-year old said.

“What’s funny to me now is I was always a forward-thinking guy. I was always thinking about the future, how great it’s going to be and how good it is right now, but it’s great.

“These days, I’m thinking about, well, it’s good today, but I really miss the past too.”

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