Is Mike Vogel Married? Meet the ‘Sex/Life’ Actor’s Wife & Family!

Mike Vogel‘s Sex/Life character Cooper Connelly deals with marriage trouble throughout the series, but he’s happily married in real life!

The 43-year-old actor has been married to his wife Courtney for 20 years.

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Mike and Courtney got married in January 2003 when he was 23 and she was 18. They are parents to three children – Cassy, 16, Charlee, 13, and Gabriel, 9.

Back on their 18th wedding anniversary, Mike wrote a sweet tribute to his wife.

“18 is a lot of things….. It is the number of holes in a full round of golf….. In Hebrew, 18 means ‘chai’ or ‘Alive.’ Literally it means life,” he wrote. “If you look at your right hand, the creases in your hand form the Arabic number ’18′ (look it up. It’s crazy).”

“18 is also the age at which most enter adulthood….. 18 years ago today, this stunning woman and I walked down the aisle together, when she was 18. We have lived half of her life, together. That’s so amazing to me. She loves Alf reruns and vegetables. I love Hogan’s Heroes reruns and steak. She LOVES the beach. I LOVE the mountains. But we LOVE each other. I am honored to walk this life with her. She is my ‘chai,’ my ‘life’ and I cherish her. I love you, Courtney,” he said.

Take a look at a family photo below!

Browse through the gallery to see Mike and Courtney Vogel on the red carpet through the years…

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