Is Dylan Bruce Single? Here’s Why Fans Think He’s Married!

Dylan Bruce is best known for his work in shows like Orphan Black and Midnight Texas, but now he’s going to gain even more fans from his role in Netflix’s Sex/Life season two.

The 42-year-old actor is playing Spencer, the brother of Mike Vogel‘s character Cooper Connelly.

Spencer is gay and in a relationship with Karn Kalra‘s Brett. So, is Dylan in a relationship or is he single? Fans actually think that he is married and there’s some proof.

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While it’s never been confirmed, it’s believed that Dylan is married to Katrina Bonds.

If you scroll back on Dylan‘s Instagram page, you can see that he has been sharing photos with her for nearly 10 years, though he became much more private in recent years.

Katrina‘s Instagram page is public, but there are no posts on it. Her Instagram bio includes a ring emoji next to Dylan‘s name, which is the tell-tale sign that they’re married.

Dylan Bruce married

Check out a photo of the couple below!

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