‘Global Indian diaspora wants to work here’

MUMBAI: With the Indian economy making strides in the global order, the Indian diaspora in other markets is said to be willing to come back to the homeland and gain work experience.

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In an interview with TOI, Kester Scrope, CEO of the global executive search & talent consulting company Odgers Berndtson, said there are more benefits for people in building their careers here and experiencing the Indian marketplace. “I can see people from overseas wanting the experience of working in India as they build their careers. This is the fastest growing large economy in the world and people want to build their knowledge base in a relevant way.”
As to whether expat managers also want to serve a stint in India, Scrope said that would continue in MNCs, but the number may reduce with competition. “I think the first sign of that is a much greater willingness and desire of the Indian diaspora to come back to India. And I think it’s a natural extension of that,” he added. Scrope added that people from outside of the Indian diaspora increasingly will see great value in the experience of working within the Indian economy.
India-born leaders today dot the global corporate and political arenas. This has also translated into growth opportunities for executive search firms. With leading global companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Starbucks being led by India-born talent, Scrope spoke about the importance of being able to engage Indian talent overseas. “I don’t see that slowing down, given that the Indian economic position in the global order continues to grow,” he said.
Scrope, who was in India this week, said in the last five years the firm has grown fourfold. “We’ve been growing at a high double-digit growth rate for the last few years and see that continuing. We’re seeing a strong flow of cross-border work as well at the moment. In India, I would say 40% of our work is with multinationals and 60% is with Indian businesses. But the flow of talent is working both ways. So, as a global business, with our operations outside of India, it’s very important to be able to tap into this talent pool as well as the other way round,” he said.

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