Every Musician & Band Who Canceled Their Tour in 2023


The show must go on…until it can’t.

Each year, our favorite musicians announce massive treks around the globe, as fans rush to get ticket to see their favorite superstars live on stage. However, those plans don’t always work out in the end.

For one reason or another, some spectacles simply never hit the stage. Or, if they do, they get cut short due to a variety of different issues along the way, especially in this pandemic era with high costs for testing, travel, limited venue booking and frequent illnesses.

We’ve rounded up all the tours of 2023 that got scrapped (so far), as well as the reasons why. We are wishing the best to all the artists – and their eager fans! – as they hopefully reschedule and hit the road again very soon.

Click through to see which tours got cancelled in 2023…

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