Eddie Redmayne’s ‘Most Embarrassing Moment on Set’ was a ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Eddie Redmayne‘s “most embarrassing moment on set” took place while he was filming Fantastic Beasts and involved a dramatic wardrobe malfunction.

The 41-year-old The Good Nurse actor starred as Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter spin-off franchise, which premiered in 2016.

During a recent profile, he explained that he had a major wardrobe fail while filming an already embarrassing scene.

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Eddie told British Vogue that disaster struck while he was filming the Erumpent mating dance.

“It was humiliating anyway, but I managed to rip my trousers. My arse was on show for everyone to see on a night shoot in the middle of Watford,” he recalled of the unforgettable experience.

If you forgot, the scene in questions involves a lot of crouching and some disjointed moves. Eddie‘s character performed the dance in an effort to distract a magical creature called an Erumpent, which slightly resembles a rhino. Only, this fantastic beasts glows from within.

Eddie recently shared more about what it took to prepare to join the world of wizardry. In particular, he had to take classes for two magical skillsets.

It’s not the only role that’s sent him to school, either.

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