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NAGPUR: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday said that religion or “Dharma” is the essential nature (“Satva”) of India, and the Sanatan Dharma is Hindu Rashtra. He was speaking at the ‘Dharmbhaskar’ awards programme here.
The Britishers introduced a new education system to take away India’s “Satva” and the country was impoverished, he said. “Dharma is the Satva of this country and Sanatan Dharma is the Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation). Whenever the Hindu Rashtra progresses, it progresses for the sake of that Dharma only. And now it is the will of God that Sanatan Dharma rises and hence the rise of Hindustan is certain,” said Bhagwat.
Dharma is not just a cult, sector a form of worship, he further said. The “values of Dharma”, that is, truth, compassion, purity and penance are equally important, the RSS chief said.
Despite many invasions, India remained one of the richest countries in the world as the “Satva of Dharma” was maintained by its people, he said. India was at the number one position economically for 1,600 years and later too it ranked in the first five countries, Bhagwat claimed. But in 1860, an invader (the British) understood the importance of “Satva” and introduced a new education system to destroy that “Satva”, the RSS chief said.
Plans were made so that Indians would not come together and fight back, and it resulted in the deterioration of the financial condition of the country, he said.

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