Daryl Sabara Opens Up About Getting Sober, Admits ‘Being Alone is Kind of a Trigger for Me’


Daryl Sabara is opening up about his sobriety.

The 30-year-old Spy Kids actor appeared on his wife Meghan Trainor‘s podcast Workin’ On It where he talked about quitting drinking and smoking marijuana.

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“One piece of advice that my therapist gave me that was so helpful was [that] she just said ‘If you want to be on your A-game maybe consider full sobriety,’” Daryl started.

“I was like, ‘what the f–k! Of course, I want to be on my A-game,’” Daryl recalled. “That really sparked something in me to go like, ‘OK, you know what? Even though weeds not really bad for me right now, I don’t need to keep testing it out to wait to get bad or to get in a bad spot. So let’s just try this full sobriety thing.’”

Daryl also talked about how going to therapy made his sobriety journey easier.

“I’m figuring out that being alone is kind of a trigger for me,” Daryl explained. “I know now that when I am alone to be ready for the little b–––h inside of my head to be like, ‘Hey buddy, it’s just us now. What are we going to do?’ And that’s huge to know that it’s coming instead of just going to booze and weed.”

While he’s been able to stop smoking marijuana after learning about his triggers, Daryl admitted that it hasn’t been an easy process.

“Weed was my clutch,” Daryl said. “Going out to an event or a concert I would be like ‘Oh maybe I’ll get a little high.’”

In a recent interview, Meghan, 29, opened up about her and Daryl‘s plans to expand their family.

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