China’s coastguard conducts patrols near Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands


NEW DELHI: China’s coastguard conducted patrols and inspections near the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Islands on Sunday, according to Taiwan News. The patrols were carried out by the Fujian Coast Guard to enhance law enforcement inspections in key areas, maintain operational order in the relevant sea areas, and ensure the safety of fishermen’s lives and property.
These patrols coincide with closed-door meetings between the families of deceased Chinese fishermen and Taiwan’s Coast Guard on Kinmen. The fishermen tragically lost their lives on February 14 when their boat capsized after being pursued by Taiwan’s Coast Guard near the islands. China has blamed Taiwanese authorities for the deaths, although Taiwan’s Coast Guard has apologized and stated that its actions were by the law.
The meetings between the families and Taiwanese authorities are expected to continue in the coming days. On Saturday, the United States and European Union emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and called for the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues.
They also acknowledged the challenges posed by China’s non-market policies and practices and expressed their commitment to reducing critical dependencies and vulnerabilities. A recent survey revealed that over 80% of Taiwanese people prefer to maintain the status quo with China, with a significant increase in those favoring the continuation of Taiwan’s current status indefinitely.
The desire for independence has decreased since 2020, as reported by Central News Agency Taiwan. Additionally, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence detected 11 Chinese military aircraft and six naval vessels around Taiwan in a recent period.

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