Chelsea Houska Shocks Fans: I Don’t Hate Adam Lind Anymore!


It’s a new day in the life of Chelsea Houska.

The biggest change, of course, is the fact that Chelsea is now the star of her own HGTV show, and her ratings are through the roof.

Okay, we guess it’s not fair to call it her own show, since Chelsea co-hosts with husband Cole DeBoer.

But Cole is a chill, humble guy who’s probably content to let Chelsea be the star in the relationship.

Chelsea and Cole on the set of their new HGTV show. (Photo via Instagram)

That’s a nice change of pace from the other major relationship in Chelsea’s life.

We’re talking, of course, about the nightmare situation that she endured with Adam Lind.

If you’re a longtime Teen Mom viewer, then you’ll probably remember Adam as the father of Chelsea’s eldest child, daughter Aubree.

Adam Lind on the Gram
Adam Lind likes to show off his muscles on social media. And, to his credit, the guy does have a lot of muscles to show off. (Photo via Instagram)

Although “sperm donor” might be a more accurate term than “father,” as Chelsea and Cole have raised Aubree, and Adam has been nothing more than a sporadic, chaotic presence on the margins of her life.

In October of last year, Lind was arrested for failure to pay child support.

Shortly thereafter, Chelsea spoke publicly about her ex for the first time in years, revealing that he has a job and makes a decent living.

Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind's Mom Is Ruining My Life!
Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have had a very rocky relationship. (Photo via MTV)

So he’s not avoiding child child support because he’s broke — he apparently just doesn’t feel like paying it.

Lind surrendered his visitation rights years ago, but he’s still Aubree’s dad, and Chelsea has been clear about the fact that she wants the two of them to have a relationship.

Perhaps for that reason, Chelsea was surprisingly complimentary toward Adam in a recent interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars of the HGTV network! (Photo via Instagram)

“Honestly, everyone wants to know about our relationship and where it stands, and I totally understand that. It’s a main question because it was such huge story[line] of ours,” Chelsea told The Ashley.

“Our relationship, it’s fine. We’re not best friends, but we’re not enemies at all. If I were to see him, there would be no bad feelings at all,” she continued.

Chelsea says the situation is much more navigable now that Aubree has entered her teen years.

“I think it helps that Aubree is a teenager now and there isn’t really a lot of having to work things out [for them]. It really is fine,” Houska said.

“There’s no bad vibes and it’s just a very open relationship,” Chelsea recently told Us Weekly.

Chelsea’s signature style has always been popular with fans. (Photo via Instagram)

“There’s no bad feelings. We see him sometimes and it’s totally fine.”

Chelsea says that after years of turmoil, her entire inner circle has reached a good place.

“I feel like everyone’s in a really good place,” she said.

Chelsea Houska In Napa
Chelsea Houska has been living her best life lately. And apparently, a lot of her fans have a problem with that. (Photo via Getty)

Adam might not deserve forgiveness — but Chelsea is mature enough to realize that it’s what’s best for her family.

And that’s exactly why fans have now fallen for her on two different networks!

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