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Charlize Theron just revealed one of her major beauty regrets!

The 48-year-old Fast X star opened up to InStyle about fragrances and a cringey trend she participated in back in the day.

Keep reading to find out what she shared…

Charlize shared that rather than having a signature scent, she prefers to go with her mood. “I think there’s something fun in just feeling it out and deciding which one gets to become a cloud mist above my head [that] I walk through,” she said.

The actress immediately had an answer when asked about her biggest beauty regret. “Hands down, the thin eyebrows in the ’90s,” she told the magazine. “I’m still recovering from that.”

Thin brows were popular in the ’90s and ’00s and have actually become en vogue again. It seems like Charlize won’t be joining in on the nostalgic wave.

During a recent interview, Charlize also revealed what she won’t do again for a movie at this point in her career. See what she said!

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