Celebrity Quotes About Nepo Babies in Hollywood


A thought that has been silently floating around many pop culture fans’ minds for years has recently been exposed on a niche side of TikTok: Hollywood is run by connections, and more specifically, family ties. From “Emily In Paris” star Lily Collins to supermodel Gigi Hadid, many of our favorite actors, singers, and internet personalities have famous and inevitably well-connected parents.

This phenomenon was highlighted in New York Magazine’s December 2022 cover story titled “The Year of the Nepo Baby,” which sparked even more discussion around the prevalence of industry vets’ children snatching up major roles in movies and television. The author of the New York Magazine piece, Nate Jones, explains TikTok is where “nepo-baby content” is truly thriving, with multipart series about nepo babies who look like their superstar parents and exposés on people you didn’t know were nepo babies going viral.

As the discourse surrounding nepo babies in Hollywood grows louder, a number of actual nepo babies have entered the chat. From official statements in magazine interviews to sharing their thoughts via Instagram captions, celebs like Zoë Kravitz, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid Kate Hudson, and Maude Apatow aren’t shying away from giving their perspective on the phenomenon.

Read on for quotes from celebrities with famous parents, commenting on their “nepo baby” status.

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