Buffalo Bills Honor Damar Hamlin With First Game Since His Collapse & Score ‘Storybook’ Opening Play

The Buffalo Bills are paying tribute to Damar Hamlin in a huge way.

The NFL team came out to play their first game since the 24-year-old football player’s scary on-field collapse last week, from which he is currently recovering.

The team played the New England Patriots on Sunday (January 8), and came out onto the field with custom flags that said “Pray for Damar” along with his number (3) during the home game.

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Then, during the game, Nyheim Hines caught the opening kickoff and ran down the field, scoring a touchdown in a play that broadcasters yelled as “storybook” as the crowd went wild.

Damar even acknowledged the moment on Twitter, writing: “OMFG!!!!!!”

The Buffalo Bills player spoke out personally for the first time since he went into cardiac arrest earlier this weekend. Find out what he said.

Check out the wild play…

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