Big Ed Brown Calls Liz Woods His “Ball and Chain” Because He Cannot Stop Being Gross

Last month, 90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown confirmed that he’s back with Liz Woods in a nauseating post.

Fans weren’t surprised, and not only because the two had filmed for a still-unannounced spinoff in the Florida Keys.

Sadly, it seems that no matter how cruelly Ed treats her, Liz keeps coming back.

And now, Ed is publicly calling her his “ball and chain.” He probably thinks that he’s funny.

Big Ed Brown will, tragically, never change. We can only hope that Liz Woods will see that one day.

On Wednesday, Ed posted a photo to his Instagram Story.

In the pic, he and Liz were attending a National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) event. Ed was smiling. Despite being in his presence, so was Liz.

Big Ed Brown called Liz Woods his “ball and chain” in this post, and it’s hard to say which is the saddest part of that: how unsurprising it is, or that Liz has put up with far worse. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“My NWA ball and chain,” Ed captioned the photo.

For those unaware, “ball and chain” is a classic misogynistic reference to a wife.

From the 17th century until the mid-20th century, the erstwhile British Empire chained heavy iron balls to the ankles of prisoners. These restraints inhibited movement.

In other words, toxic men have referred to their wives as people who are holding them back or preventing them from enjoying life. You know, as if they were prisoners in their consensual marriage.

Is Ed joking here? Of course. Is it a s–tty joke to make that disrespects Liz? Absolutely.

This would be a cringeworthy line even if Ed were not a notorious misogynist, accused of mistreating women in multiple contexts. Coming from him, though, it’s certainly worse.

Remember, Ed’s nasty behavior is not limited to the women unfortunate enough to find themselves in relationships with him.

A former coworker accused Ed of sexual misconduct, coming forward to the public after he first attained viral fame.

And at the most recent Tell All, Ed’s treatment of other women was so outrageous that Jovi Dufren told him that he owes Jenny Slatten an apology. Jovi was correct.

During that same Tell All, when Liz confronted Ed about (repeatedly, on camera) lying to her and to everyone else, he demanded that she return his ring.

Now, anyone can break up with anyone at any time for any reason. Relationships are consensual.

But when someone breaks up (or kicks their partner out of their shared home) as retaliation repeatedly without actually breaking things off, that’s not actually a breakup. It’s an emotional game.

Essentially, Big Ed punishes Liz for standing up for herself. He humiliates her, hurts her feelings, and more. We all watched it happen on camera.

Unfortunately, he somehow manages to weasel his way back into her good graces. Viewers have seen more of their breakups than their reconciliations, so it is unclear how he manages to hoodwink her. Preying upon her insecurities cannot be all of it.

It is likely that Ed keeps convincing Liz that he can change, or that he has changed. This man is going to be 58 years old tomorrow. He has had more than half of a century to decide to be a good person. At this point, is it likely? Is it even possible? Liz should ask herself that.

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