At 39.3°C, Mumbai was India’s hottest spot on Monday | India News

MUMBAI: The city’s IMD Santacruz observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 39.3o Celsius on Monday – the highest in any part of the country on the day,. The high temperatures were followed by rain, thunder and lightning at night which continued till early Tuesday, bringing down the day’s maximum temperature to 35.8o Celsius. While Monday’s dust storm delayed arrivals into Mumbai airport, locals in parts of MMR, like Gorai, also reported hail, which, experts said, could be the first hail activity recorded in Mumbai region in 17 years.
Independent meteorologist Rajesh Kapadia of Vagaries of The Weather, a private weather forecasting blog, said it was on March 9, 2006, that Mumbai reported its first-ever hail. On Mumbai being the hottest place in India on Monday, Kapadia said the switch in day temperature from 38.1oC a day earlier on Sunday to 39.3oC on Monday was without any brakes.
IMD scientist Sushma Nair attributed the sharp rise in temperatures to strong easterlies and the delayed setting of sea breeze. The all-time high day temperature recorded in March is 41.6oC on March 17, 2011.
From Monday evening, however, weather conditions changed rapidly with thunder, lightning and even rain being witnessed across the city, and Tuesday continued to see overcast skies in most areas of Mumbai region. Some areas even recorded light rain. IMD, however, said the rainfall on Tuesday was largely a drizzle and couldn’t reach measuring levels.
IMD officials said this kind of rainfall is not abnormal as March is known as a pre-monsoon period. Officials also said it’s unlikely for Mumbai to see more rains now on.

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