Anna Kendrick Channels The Nanny’s Fran Fine To Promote ‘Alice, Darling’ in NYC


Anna Kendrick wears her most colorful, and Fran Fine inspired, look yet while out in New York City on Wednesday (January 12).

The 37-year-old actress has been busy promoting her new movie, Alice, Darling, and during her full morning of events, stopped by The View, and CBS Mornings to chat about the flick.

In another interview, Anna opened up about the impact of the script on her and how she found it very validating.

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Speaking to Desert Sun, Anna shared that she gravitated towards the aspect where it “didn’t focus on Simon’s behavior” or on “showing the evidence”.

“I think that so many women, if they’re anything like me, sort of pore over, well, wait, what did they say? And what did I say? And how did my voice sound? And how did his voice sound?” she mused. “And if I can just pick apart the evidence, like I’m trying to catch the Zodiac killer, then maybe I’ll have proof and I’ll believe myself. The impact that it’s had on you is enough evidence, (but that) is a really hard thing to believe.”

Anna added that when the film was on the editing stage, “[we were] really relying on trusting Alice’s experience was important to me because it was sort of symbolic of me being able to trust my own experience.

“It ends up being kind of healing because I am externalizing it, and sort of fighting for Alice in a way that I wish I’d been able to fight for myself, which was very powerful.”

If you missed it, Anna recently opened up about how she felt not only responsible, but also shameful for the abuse she went through with an ex.

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