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NEW DELHI: In the wake of some of the papers submitted by police officers for deliberations at the recent DGP/IGP meet making headlines for being at variance with the government’s official position on issues like China border row, the police website on which the papers were uploaded on Thursday pulled down the entire set running into three volumes.
On Thursday, the Compendium of Articles DGP/IGP conference 2022 was no longer available on the website managed by DGP/IGP conference secretariat with the Intelligence Bureau. However, the 2021 compendium was available with the disclaimer: “The views expressed in these papers are solely the opinions and understanding of the individual authors. This in no way conveys stand of any institution”.
The police website – – had published the entire compendium of articles written by police officers across various ranks and posted in different states during the DGP/IGP conference held from January 20-22. As per a practice started a couple of years ago following the PM’s suggestion that officers share their experiences as well as suggestions on topics to be deliberated at the DGP/IGP conference, these articles are submitted by police officers across ranks and from various states ahead of the DGP/IGP meet.
These are then reviewed and selected for tabling at the DGP/IGP conference and are later uploaded on the website.
Like every year, this year the police officers had submitted their articles on the 2022-23 conference agenda. These covered topics such as threat from China, border challenges, overstay by foreigners, radicalisation, cyber and new-age threats, upgrading police technology etc.
However, some of the articles on China suggested that several patrolling points on Indo-China had been “lost” and had no Indian presence in the wake of border row that erupted with the Galwan faceoff in 2020. This version is however at variance with government’s official position. Some of the articles on radicalisation too had referred to right-wing extremism and named organisations like Bajrang Dal and Hindu Sena to make their point.

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