Adani: India poised to be land of big opportunities over next 40-50 years

PALANPUR: India has the potential to build 100 more Adani groups and the country is poised to be the land of big opportunities over the next four-five decades, billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani said Sunday at an event marking 75 years of Palanpur’s Vidya Mandir Trust in Gujarat’s Banaskantha.
“A democracy whose time has come cannot be stopped and India’s time has arrived. Our country is, and will increasingly be, a land full of incredible opportunities. The Adani Group is just one manifestation of India’s entrepreneurship success story,” he said.
He recounted his phenomenal journey that made his group the world’s largest solar power company, largest airport and seaport operator in India, nation’s largest integrated energy player, country’s second largest cement manufacturer and a conglomerate with market capitalisation of over $225 billion.
“I firmly believe that India holds the potential to build a 100 Adani groups. And there could be no better place than India to be an entrepreneur today,” he said.
Being a first-generation entrepreneur, Adani said people like him have the unique advantage of having nothing to lose. “This belief is our strength. In my own mind, this was liberating. I had no legacy to follow, but I had the opportunity to create a legacy.”

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