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Adam Driver is the star of the upcoming Ferrari movie, but yet, wasn’t able to do something you’d think he could – drive an actual Ferrari.

In a new interview, the 39-year-old actor’s co-star, Patrick Dempsey, was able to get behind the wheel. However, he was not.

But, why?

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While speaking with Collider, Adam said that it was all due to insurance.

“They wouldn’t let me drive the cars for insurance reasons,” he told the outlet. “They don’t trust me with small pieces of equipment.”

Adam then joked that all he could handle were “Big pieces of equipment like sandwiches.”

Ferrari is a biopic of Enzo Ferrari, whose family redefined the idea of the high-powered Italian sports car and practically spawned the concept of Formula One racing.

Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Jack O’Connell, Sarah Gadon and Gabriel Leone also star.

Adam and Patrick were permitted to attend the premiere of the movie at the Venice Film Festival, where Adam also spoke out about the strikes.

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