90 Day Fiance: Exploring Ashley Michelle’s Weight Loss Journey As Before And After Photos Go Viral

Ashley has been on a weight-loss journey and has shared her accomplishments on Instagram, so she no longer looks like she did on the show. She frequently shares pictures of herself before and after that showcase her amazing makeover. It exudes confidence even in a basic mirror selfie, which contrasts sharply with Ashley on camera, who broke down easily. She says she has worked so hard, and the outcomes are motivational.

Ashley’s weight loss journey

On social media, Ashley’s weight loss before and after pictures are gaining a lot of attention. She posted one with the remark, “Officially – 100 lbs,” in February 2024. Ashley declared she was paying tribute to her hard work, resolve, and self. Despite having gone through “a lot of hard s***,” she claimed that losing weight was the “hardest thing” she had ever done in her life. In Ashley’s photo, an admirer said, “I’m impressed Ashley didn’t even use witchcraft to achieve results, bravo.” “Who said that?” She enquired. The reality TV personality then requested that fans of 90 Day Fiancé follow her on TikTok, where she posts about her fitness regimens.

Ashley’s key weight loss mantra is to “keep going.” She preaches about being present “for who you are becoming” every day, even in the tiniest ways, and she believes in the importance of constancy. A citizen of Rochester asked Ashley in February 2024 if she had a personal trainer and which neighborhood gym she would suggest. In response, Ashley said she had a trainer. Indeed! Me!” she cried out. Ashley disclosed that she is presently pursuing her personal trainer certification and works as a fitness instructor.

Ashley has been experimenting with makeup too for the last two months. She just posted a picture of herself showing her stunning looks, even without any makeup. On Instagram, she got compliments on her eye makeup and requests to start making tutorials on cosmetics. She responded positively, saying she is trying to offer more comparable data. Though makeup enhanced her facial features, her complexion has a natural glow from her frequent physical activity.

Ashley Michelle

Her relationship with Manuel 

Ashley, 31, first went to Ecuador ten years ago to meet Manuel, her partner. Ashley and Manuel broke up within a week of each other’s engagement. Years later, they got back together when they decided to relaunch his K-1 visa application. The pair did not get along throughout Manuel’s first three months in America. 

Nevertheless, Ashley and Manuel did tie the knot in the season 10 finale of 90 Day Fiancé. Ashley disclosed in December 2023 that she purchased her wedding gown a year prior to her nuptials. Ashley was sixty pounds lighter when she got to wear the dress—she married Manuel in September of 2022. It fit the seamstress, but she had to tighten it by about 10 inches around the waist. Ashley acknowledged that in 2023, she had lost 100 pounds. Additionally, according to Ashley, that was the year she made the most money.

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